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“Incident Like This Happens Daily, If Not Hourly Around The World. It Is Time To Stop It.”

Founder of INDOORSOS®

911 operators couldn’t trace the location of a dying student’s phone. It’s a growing issue.


IAFF’s members would find it helpful to have the specific floor and room information for every wireless call in every circumstance, the group said. ‘The IAFF, however, has monitored the development of location technologies closely and recognizes that floor identity capabilities do not currently exists.'”

“T-Mobile said calls for dispatchable location for all wireless calls are neither realistic nor technically feasible: ‘Put simply, there exists no system today or in the foreseeable future that could deliver on such a mandate,” T-Mobile’s comments said. “Further, considerations beyond feasibility suggest that dispatchable location information would not be appropriate for all calls.’ The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) said it is “unaware of any dispatchable location approach that will continue to function during power outages, when darkness, public confusion and reduced communications options heighten the importance of accurate location information to enable emergency responders to assist the public” and it is skeptical of this particular approach.

Finally, a location technology that delivers floor level identity even in power outages is coming to light. INDOORSOS® provides readily available dispatchable emergency location information with floor-level accuracy for the wireless call. Being empowered by onsite ‘Blackbox’ indoor emergency data, such dispatchable location approach survives power outages and continues to work for a minimum of 24 hours. The ‘Blackbox’s golden time-critical data on the venue of an emergency are accessible even in an internet disruption. It will be an invaluable facility for the first responders to save lives.